Materials for Laser Cutting and Engraving

To make it super easy we stock these materials for our clients to use for their laser cutting projects. See the material page for the various sheet sizes we use. We engrave on all our plywood, and solid acrylic. If you have a design, but not sure how it will look, no problem for us to engrave a small sample and email a photo before proceeding with an order.
Please note that if you have a large volume order, we will likely need 4 -5 business days to get the stock in.

PLYWOOD (1.8mm - 5.5mm thick)
Here is the range of plywood that we stock. After years of trial and error, these are the materials that laser cut the easiest and also engrave the text dark and clear.

Great material to add some colour to your design. Black, White, Red, dark Blue are stock items. However we can order in sheets of the other colours as required.

Acrylic tints & Mirror can be engraved on the back or front. Laserable plastic comes in various colours, this one is Brushed Copper that engraves black. We also have White that engraves Black, and Black that engraves White. The thickness is between 1.5 to 1.8mm.

This chunky acrylic catches the light beautifully. Perfect for small projects like key tags or jewellery.