See samples of our laser cutting service for designers, artists and students. 

Specialized custom design service for small or commercial business.

We engrave all types of plywood, acrylic, mirror and supplied native timber.

Take a look at our range of kitset gifts, room decor, large artworks and more! 

Hand crafted sculpture, embellished with laser engraving. Native recycled timber.

Your logo on business cards, gift vouchers, shop signage...we can help.


We thank all our loyal customers, we are lucky enough to work from home and are still able to run our equipment but unfortunately we can't send out any orders until after the four week period. This includes our online gifts.

We can do quotes, and answer any questions you may have on laser cutting and laser engraving.
Many thanks, and keep safe everyone.
Judith & Clovis

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"Judith is very friendly and helpful. She always takes time to go over my designs and tells me if it needs changing. She is so easy to work with and always gets things done faster than I expect. Even though Modeltech is out in the whops I would still go with them over other places I've tried local to me." Tim (The Offcut )