Architectural Models

Yes at Modeltech we have all the equipment and materials to make a laser cut architectural model to your specifications. Send us an email with drawings, plans and any other relevant information. We can work out an estimate for you and give you a timeframe. Models can be made out of natural materials or painted and stained to the correct building colours. Trees, planter boxes and shrubbery are added to the landscape to give a sense of perspective and scale.


We completed this in 2011. It was a gift for one of the directors and was the first residential development built on Sandringham Rd, Kingsland. Features complex architecture such as 'The Weave' pattern and an outdoor courtyard.

Commissioned by Bill Millbank, the Hawera Post Office was replicated featuring it's intricate historic architecture. Matching colours and details to the original.

This model was created for a Whanganui Exhibition. It is very small, only 9cm high. A fantastic example of the fine detail achievable with laser cutting thin plywood, and a very steady hand for assembly.

This developers model was created for a new commercial and residential space at St Heliers Beach, Auckland.
Block form models give a sense of scale in relation to it's surroundings